10 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Stopping You Building Muscle
This free guide will give you the raw truth when it comes to effective training and will force you to think about what you're doing right now that is actually HOLDING YOU BACK.
  • See why BULKING and CUTTING is ridiculous and just get's you fat then back to where you were before......a total waste of time right?
  • How doing LESS will give you BETTER RESULTS....well worth knowing if you've not got all the time in the world
  • How EXPENSIVE thinking cheap can actually turn out to be.....we've all been bitten by "cheap" solutions before
  • Why training like a BODYBUILDER will actually make you gain LESS MUSCLE.....
  • You’ll see how you’re sabotaging your own results by doing the same sh*t that everyone in your gym does
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  • The truth about lie number 1 is the opposite to what you'd think it should be
  • Lie number 9 is critical to making real guaranteed progress
  • Keeping the body guessing is a complete LIE
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Russell Jolley MSc ASCC

Russell is the Director of The Conditioning Centre gym. In the last 10 years he's coached hundreds of athletes and general guys to double their strength levels, add stones of muscle and rapidly increase their sports performance.

All while looking after their bodies so they can train, play and feel great for years to come.

Ian Wood MSc ASCC

Ian's expertise in strength and power focussed programming and elite level nutrition is earning him a name for producing big, strong, fast and powerful men. 
He's spent years teaching people to become Personal Trainers and knows the proven way to get results. 
He is a former England volleyball player and Great Britain All-Star Captain who has now turned his attention full time to coaching and delivering the best in training and nutritional for our members.
And his photo is way better than Russell's.....
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