Rapidly improve your Watts/Kg and Speed on the Bike without spending hours in the cold this winter.
Our 8 Week Cycling Specific Strength & Conditioning program starting Tuesday 30th of October at 7:15pm is exactly what you need. In just 8 x 1 hour targeted sessions we'll drastically increase your speed:
  • Most cyclists don't do any specific strength & conditioning work because they don't know how much difference it can make, or they don't know the most effective way to do it......We'll coach you through a PROVEN programme to make sure you see and feel the difference on the bike in just 8 weeks.
  • We'll increase your Power, Speed and Endurance ready for the summer season...without spending hours on the turbo trainer and without building any extra muscle or weight to carry....you'll weigh the same but have a bigger engine.
  • We'll make your cycling specific muscles stronger and more powerful so you have the extra capacity for easy speed
  • We'll reduce all those niggles, pains and injuries that stop you riding.....that back pain will be gone
  • In only 60 minutes we'll also develop your high intensity fitness so you can power up the hills with ease
  • And you don't need to worry about gaining loads of body weight....we know how to help you increase your power and sprint ability without adding any extra mass to carry up the hills.
We only have 12 spots available. 

We guarantee you'll see big improvements in your acceleration, hill climbing and easy speed.

All sessions are in our Private Strength & Conditioning Gym in Poole, BH15 3PD.
Sessions will run from Tuesday 30th of October from 19:15-20:15 for 8 consecutive weeks
Book your spot now for just £119
This is perfect for you if:
  • You're riding regularly but haven't seen significant improvements for a while
  • Riding over the winter months fills you with dread
  • You need a quick and efficient way to improve your speed without training for 4 hours at a time
  • You have some imbalances or weaknesses that are causing you problems
  • You regularly struggle to keep up when the pace picks up or you hit the hills
  • You've been thinking about strength & conditioning but aren't confident enough to try it alone
  • You know you get much more done when you're training in a group
TeamCC Ltd Unit 2, 14 St Clements Rd, BH15 3PD. 01202 742421
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